During my PhD I developed a more well thought-out workflow for making notes and writing in general. My Master’s supervisor used Emacs a lot so I thought why not give that a try. The extension org-mode made writing notes a lot more pleasant, and provides a wealth of functionality for organising and planning. Big thank you to Carsten Dominik for writing that package, wish I knew about it when I followed his courses at the UvA!

What really helped organising my notes was Org-roam, and since I picked that up, I have been writing a lot more, trying to build a knowledge-base to help me with my research (along the lines of the Second-Brain ideas).

I will post my dotfiles repo link at some point, it currently is such a mess that it won’t be that useful for others.

It took quite some time to get everything set up as I want to, and I’m still changing things quite regularly. It also required diving into Emacs, something that.

Since this is not very beginner friendly I tried to find some alternatives to the (org-)roam based set up that we’re more plug-and-play. Obsidian seems to be a nice alternative, it has a good community with lots of plug-ins.

David Hendriks
David Hendriks
PhD Student Astrophysics

My research is on stellar astrophysics and the formation of compact objects, but I’m interested in many science related topics!