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I have been trying out many different things for personal websites, there are so many options nowadays. I think, for now, I have landed on a set up that I like, which works for me and fits nicely in my workflow.

My main note-taking environment is currently in Emacs org-mode, specifically org-roam (see Notetaking) and I would like to stay in that environment when writing a page for my website.

I make use of ox-Hugo to allow me to do this. This Emacs package handles the conversion and export of my org notes to Hugo markdown files, and it is a great solution to my problem. Hugo is a static site generator, based on markdown files, and is quite easy to use after the initial set up. There are many platforms that can host Hugo based static website, including Gitlab, where this website is hosted on.

I’m currently hosting this website on gitlab pages, which works fine for a static website but getting a custom (Transip) domain connected to it was a bit of a pain. I’ve written down how I managed to do it in Gitlab custom domain with TransIP managed domain.

David Hendriks
David Hendriks
PhD Student Astrophysics

My research is on stellar astrophysics and the formation of compact objects, but I’m interested in many science related topics!